Anata no Koibito, Godatsu Shimasu.

Anata no Koibito, Godatsu Shimasu. (2024)

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Minami Hinako is the company president of Office CAT, a mysterious detective agency that accepts requests from women who wish to have help with their relationship issues. The company’s objective is not just to facilitate a breakup for the client, but to “abduct” the targeted individual. Otherwise known as “Thief Cat” Minami Hinako has a 100% robbery success rate. She skilfully manipulates her appearance and personality to make the target fall for her, thus tearing apart relationships between men and women. One day, the company receives a request from a woman named Hayakawa Risa, asking for help in stealing away her abusive boyfriend. (Source: Drama-Otaku) Adapted from the novel series "Dorobo Neko Hinako no Jiken Bo" (泥棒猫ヒナコの事件簿) by Nagashima Emi (永嶋恵美).

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